Rearing Successful Sons is an innovative faith-based initiative designed and planned to provide young African-American males and their families, in South Philadelphia’s Point Breeze community, strategies that “Build Resilience and Support for Healthy Adolescent Development,” as documented and practiced by Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, M.S. Ed, FAAP, FSAHM, and Sara B. Kinsman, MD, Ph.D., and published in “Reaching Teens,” a program to teach, guide, model and mentor adolescents.

Rearing Successful Sons is delivered at John Gloucester House, a Presbyterian ministry program, in a nurturing, loving environment that’s appropriate for adolescent development. In partnership with willing parents and other responsible adults and professionals from the Point Breeze and Greater Philadelphia communities, trained volunteers guide participants through a series of self-directed learning modules that focus on spirituality, financial literacy, meaning of family, emotional and physical health, education, career development and social engagement.

Through their participation in Rearing Successful Sons, young men are provided access to resources, experiences and individuals that will change the trajectory of their lives.
For example, youth in the Rearing Successful Sons program have access to a wide range of free services, including:

  • Life skills and communication training that teach them to prioritize and explain their social needs and challenges,
  • Culturally competent mentors trained to understand their world,
  • Networking and enrichment opportunities that connect them with the broader community, and
  • Healthcare services that will help to address underlying behavioral issues.

Adult volunteers, some of whom have been trained to use the American Academy of Pediatrics’ “Reaching Teens: Strength-Based Communication Strategies to Build Resilience and Support Healthy Adolescent Development,” model and express to the young men that that they are valued, that they matter, and recognizes them as experts in their development. Listening to the participants rather than talking at them is critical as volunteers deliver content and conduct field trips and fun activities that are instructive, supportive and respectful of boundaries as they guide young men to independence.




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